Metatrader alerts are created with the purpose for alerting you to a specific price event that you maybe interested in. Wondering how to add alerts in Metatrader indicators? Well, you should try using the MT-4 by Hannover.

The overview below is an attempt to provide a general purpose remedy for your meta trading. Since every indicator functions and us coded differently, these instructions might not work in every situation. If you an existing indicator and you want to add alerts to it, you should consider to try using as a starting point. If it fails to work, its advisable to try posting it in another thread to ensure higher visibility for your request.

Basic instructions.

  • Open the MT4’s Navigator, press Ctrl-N and then open the Custom Indicators” tree.


  • Click on the indicator you want to add the alerts to, and press ENTER to load it into the MetaEditor.


  • Paste your additions into the code, make changes if necessary and exactly as described.


  • To compile the indicator press F5. If you happen to get a message saying 0 error(s) or 0 warning(s), you can now go ahead and attach the add to your MT4 chart.


Here is how to add custom indicators to your Metatrader 4 platform. The steps listed below will guide you through.

  1. Start by closing the Metatrader4 platform.
  2. Find the Metatrader4 custom indicators stored on your local computer or maybe on your desktop
  3. Go to programs , click Metatrader4 go to experts and then indicators
  4. Paste your custom indicators in the indicators folder.
  5. Restart MT4 platform and add the custom indicators to your chart (s) by simply selecting a chart and double-clicking on the custom indicator in the Custom Indicators folder. After this, the indicator should appear on the selected chart.


There you go!! You now know how to add alerts in Metatrader indicators. Incorporate the steps and instructions below for your adds.



Mike N
Mike N

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