The volty channel foreign exchange trading strategy is an easy and simple as any technique one can obtain. It comprises of the voltychannel_stop_v2.1M and the exponential moving average (14) metaTrader 4 indicators in providing signals on the exchanging chart.


  1. The voltychannel_stop_v2.1M ex4 (default setting) and the 14 period exponential moving average.ex4 (14) are the only MetaTrader4 indicators required.
  2. The recommended time frames for utilizing the strategy are five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour and four hours.
  3. All trading sessions works perfectly with this technique.
  4. The main currency pairs are gold, silver and oil.

Purchase Instance


The Purchase Rules

The following diagram chart or indicator arrangements will highlight our entry arrangement for long position(s).

  1. If the volty channel custom indicator creates a blue line beneath the price candlesticks, it signifies purchase signal for the underlying asset. The Volty channel begins off as a marked point before progressing as a line indicator. For instance, a blue marked point, after which it progresses as a blue line as displayed in the purchase instance above.
  2. If a bullish bar begins and ends higher up the exponential moving average (14) borderline, it signifies a bullish signal.

You are in for bulls’ market conditions when you incorporate both conditions.

Position stop-loss five to fifteen pips far away from the entry price, plus tracking stop in place.

Take-Gain for Long Entry/Exit Rules

Commence an exit or take-gain if the following conditions are achieved:

  1. If a red dot of the volty channel indicator creates higher up the bars, it signifies a change in direction and as such an exit or take-gain trigger is the most suitable at this point.
  2. If a bar closes beneath the exponential moving average (14) borderline, you should contemplate exiting or acquiring your greens from your positions.

Auction Entry Rules

The following chart diagram or indicator arrangements are suggestive of an auction order:

  1. If the volty channel custom signal creates a red line higher up the price candlesticks, it illustrates price pressure to the downward side. In other words, bears market.
  2. A bearish bar should begin and end beneath the red colored exponential moving average (14) borderline, an indication that bears are gaining and an auction is in order.

Position stop-loss five or fifteen pips higher up from entry price, plus tracking stop in place.

Exit Rule for Auction Entry

Observe of the following chart or indicator arrangements before beginning an exit or take-gain:

  1. If a blue marked point of the volty channel indicator creates beneath the bars, it illustrates price change in direction.
  2. If a bullish bar bypasses higher up the exponential moving average (14) borderline, it demonstrates weakness in the existing bearish trend, providing an exit or take-gain trigger.


Danger-SignUtilize this strategy at your own risk. cannot be responsible for any losses associated with utilizing any strategy presented on the site. It’s not recommended to utilize this strategy on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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