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Your Favorite Indicator is Responsible for Your Losses

How many times has your MACD, your RSI, your CCI or whatever indicator it is you like to trade with told you that NOW was an excellent time to enter a trade? As a result, Only for price action to reverse. Then take you out at your stop loss within a few minutes?

It happens to all of us, and to some of us several times a day consequently.

The problem is that when your lagging indicator is telling you to Buy or Sell, there are solid lines of Support or Resistance in place, guarded by some big money traders who are waiting to fleece you of all your money, which will all but guarantee your trade is going to lose.

How many of these lines are there?  5?  10?

Try 77 at a bare minimum (there can be more in some circumstances).

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Can you name them?  Can you name 10 of them?  How about 5?

The sorry truth is that the typical retail trader (you and I) knows next to nothing about these important price points. Where trades go to die.  As a result, we keep listening to our lying indicators and jumping into trades right as price action is about to reverse and head the other way.

Imagine for a minute that you know about these lines and have your charts set up. So you can see right where price is likely to stall out and move the other way.

Especially relevant, How many losing trades could you avoid by passing on taking those trades that need to break a major S&R line to get into profit?

50%?  75%?  More?

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FX Scalping Academy: Eliminate 80% of Your Losing Trades

As a result, If avoiding losers was the only benefit here it would be worth every penny.  But in the MasterClass “Trading Between the Lines” you’ll also learn how to find those “sweet spots” where price is highly likely to move in your favor after an entry. Leaving you only to decide when to exit the trade in profit.

After all, This class is a true game-changer and if you can’t name the 77 lines of S&R right off the top of your head. You need to take this class. If not for your own sake then for the sake of your account!

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