Crypto Swap Profits is a comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem learning and opportunity identification system. It was founded and lead by the Crypto Research institute superstar, Joel Peterson. It consists of two main parts: the training and the ongoing trade alerts and supportive community.

Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Review

Product: Crypto Swap Profits
Author: Joel Peterson
Official Site:
Product Type: Education, Trade Calls, Community
Price: USD 1,497 oneoff & $97 a moth
Free Training: Click Here
Onboarding Link: Click Here
Merchant: ClickBank, BTC
Swap Alerts Results : 100% Winrate

The main element of this program is the “Swap Alerts” that consistently make money to the members. The Swap alerts have shown a consistent 100% win rate. The gains span 2X to 1800X per trade taken on respective coins.

The crypto ecosystem has evolved in the last couple of years. It’s no longer the usual Bitoin, Ethereum and a random coin like Dogecoin. A lot of bits and pieces are happening on the blockchain networks; techonology is improving, investments are expanding wounding up to create profit opportunities.

In the last two years we have seen the introduction of Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Defi eliminates the need of a middleman in peer to peer lending. This has allowed people holding onto crypto coins to allow their funds for lending and earn a suitable return. Normally when one puts $100 to a fixed account and they earn 0.5% and the bank would lend to another at 3%. The owner only makes 0.5% while the bank get’s to keep the 2.5%/. With Defi, peer to peer lending means the owner of the money gets to keep 3% of the interest.

Crypto Swap Profits Training

From the earlier example on DeFi, You can see that there are new opportunities coming up in the crypto/blockchain ecosystem. It’s these opportunities that are fast rising that one needs to keep abreast, while the rest of the world is stuck to the rising and falling prices of bitcoin.

The training will open your eyes to Decentralized exchanges (DEXs), E-wallets, Stable coins, Masternoding, Yield harvesting, Staking, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Flash loans. and these cogs can be a system to mint money for you.

Cyrpto Swap Profits training will indeed open up a trader’s financial eyes beyond the panicky crypto headlines.

Community and Swap Alerts

A warm community of like-minded people is the best way to make progress. Nothing can replace shared experiences from other traders that you’d share common goals with. The Crypto Swap community is a robust family of helpful people that wilfully shares all the tricks in the industry. In crypto world, cooperation yields more than competition would. People are always happy to help.

The Swap Alerts, are like what would be trade calls while trading stocks and options or what you would refer to as trading signals in forex. With Crypto Swap Alerts, members get to know what opportunities there are, informed by a team of thorough well informed researchers. All swap alerts have had a win rate of 100%, only the magnitude of the win varies from double to 1000s times return on investment.

Joining Joel Peterson’s Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind is the wisest decision for any investor or trader that wishes to build immense wealth in the new DECENOMY (decentralised economy).

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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