The Long Weekend Life, is a trading and investment retirement plan designed by Tom Busby and Roger Scott for Wealth Press and DTI. The strategy get’s its branding name from a weekend that includes Monday. Hence, the long weekend. As the best trade set ups would happen on Tuesday’s, hence Monday was better left to doing other things. But is that all there is to it? We shall find out momentarily on this review.

Long Weekend Retirement Plant

Product: Long Weekend Retirement Plan
Main Trader: Tom Busby
Company: WealthPress, DTI
Product Type: Trade Calls Subscription
Price: Full bundle: $1,997, Tuesday’s only Trade calls $997
Official Website: Click Here (opens in new tab) Recommended for traders who have minimal time to trade but still want to make decent returns.

The Tuesday Trading Strategy

More than a decade ago, I worked on the treasury department of a local bank. A treasury department is in charge of issuing foreign exchange rates to bank’s branches. When you visit a bank with USD and you want to exchange to canadians or Euros. The attendant will tell you what the counter rate is, so you may calculate the amount in your desired currency.

It was an insider rule that when corporates call in to negotiate for rates. we would always be very conservative on Mondays as we speculate how the week will go. The same case happened on Friday, as the markets are closing we had to widen the margins and play on the side of caution to protect the bank from any spikes when the market opens on Monday.

This is free advice, applicable today. when you are exchanging a big sum of money to a desired currency. Never accept the given counter rate, always insist to call treasury and negotiate a good rate. and the best days to do that is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

In Stocks trading, any ideas and fundamental elements whistled on Monday, takes route on Tuesday. A stock would ride that momentum through to Friday. What then, Tom is saying therefore is, with the Long Weekend Retirement Plan, a trader is adviced to get in a trade on Tuesday and close the trade on Friday.

The Long Weekend Retirement Plan

Tom Busby is a veteran trader and he has mentored thousands of successful traders in his career. Every season he enrolls a new class and would give each intake a new name. The Long Weekend Retirement Plan sounds like a terrible choice for a name, but it does communicate the message however.

In this program, Tom Busby, Roger Scott and the WealthPress team will be using their proprietary trade finder systems. Each Tuesday, traders will be receive a list of trades to enter and on Friday another alert would be sent to exit the trades. This sounds like a no-brainer, because indeed it’s as easy as it says. It’s as easy as a well planned retirement, hence the name suits, I think.

Tom and team have what they call Tuesday Power Plays and 14X Challenge but they do explain it in a webinar. Register for the webinar or view the recording; on This Link – click here

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